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When handling your print and taking it out of it's packaging, please be extremely careful as not to touch the print or get dust or hair on it. The print is fragile, can scratch easily and hands (even clean ones) can leave fingerprints on the image, so i recommend getting it framed asap and leaving it in it's packaging until you can take it to a framer.

I strongly recommend having your beautiful image matted, mounted and framed by a professional framer to ensure the longevity and endurance of your special print.


If you purchase a standard frame from a shop I highly recommend you at least invest in a framer to matt/mount the image with an acid free matt board.


Framing the print incorrectly can cause damage and jeopardise the longevity of the print.


If you do frame the print yourself, make sure the inside of the glass and frame are free of dust and hair (you can use a hairdryer on cold to blow the dust etc. away). Matting is essential to keep the print away from the glass and to allow the image to breathe, ensuring the longevity of the print.

Always handle the Print with care, if you take the Print out of it's original packaging, i repeat, please be careful not to get dust, hair, dirt, fingerprints or marks on the print.

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